We embraced the snow today! This is big for me people since the freezing temps, winter wind chapped faces, and mounds of snow burying my car make me feel a bit weepy most days. Jason left today for a few days of boy bonding time leaving us girls to amuse ourselves.  Since the girls spent the majority of the morning watching the snow fall outside our front room window and begging to go frolic in it I decided to rally and draft a friend in to letting us join them and use their sled (I’m sneaky like that).
Warren Park sledding hill is pretty awesome
Frozen noses and wet socks or not we had a blast sledding and of course enjoying hot chocolate after our brave endeavours. Check us out embracing winter,

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, great. This makes my Kids jealous… and me too. They would love to have snow 🙂 Enjoy this special time of the year, even when it is cold!