“The Holy Spirit is a blazing fire, charring every remnant of selfishness and pride left in our souls, an unquenchable fire that cannot be ignored or denied.  Giving back means giving all; any inferior definition is pure deception. Our money, our resources, our gifts, our time, our dreams, our selfish ambitions, our comfort- these we give back in their entirety. Anything less is not discipleship at all. It is simply a clever substitution by a crafty enemy who has figured out how to use our own weaknesses against us, rocking us to complacent sleep with a consumer version of the gospel and knowing all the while he is making goats out of sheep.”
Brandon Hatmaker, The Barefoot Church

Ahem, I re-read this passage several times and even now it convicts me to my core. I am so guilty of reserving some for myself.  Because, after all, I have to make sure I always have enough for me, for my family right?  Some selfish ambition is ok right because you need to make a place for yourself in this world?  We all need comfort because He wants us to be “happy” right?

God wants it ALL, y’all. And I am asking what my “all” is today and then asking for the courage to give it all back.  Amen. 
I’m feeling convicted by His spirit and thankful for His grace.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your heart and your blog. Thanks for the encouragement! When are you visiting the burb again?