We just ate lunch (yep, lunch) in our PJs on this first afternoon of 2013. We came home last night to begin packing (we move in a week..yikes!), taking down Christmas decorations (boo!), and detoxing from an overload of sweets, an abundance of PBS shows, and lazy but so needed sloth at Bibi’s house (the girls also say  a huge boo..hiss!) So far our day has included major toy purges, craft time, an ancient Egypt history lesson, and laundry folding while watching the Tournament of Roses Parade. Oh, and we managed to squeeze in a dance party.

We are missing one pair of slippered feet above because J has been gone for just shy of a week but he returns today which is good since I have been weepy (sorry if you were one of my dear friends that was the unsuspecting victim of a call full of blubbering and reminiscing but by this point you know what you have gotten yourself into). More on all the thoughts swirling soon.

Even though New Years is a randomly selected sort of arbitrary holiday it does make one reflect and ponder and slow the moment enough to really think.  And I am so grateful for friends and family and life and all the days and hours and minutes that made up  last year.  Praying 2013 brings unexpected chances for redemption, grace, contentment, and joy and may we all embrace these opportunities that are fresh each morning. Happy 2013 friends,


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