When your birthday is 4 days before Jesus’s you sorta get the shaft.  It is just the way life works, sorry girl! Our first attempt at an ill planned-last-minute-thrown-together-shindig was cancelled due to car issues and severe weather delays resulting in an exhausted Mama who would have just as soon stabbed my eye out with a dull pencil as bake and frost a cake.  But we still were able to celebrate our big 3 year old girl in a pink and purple train birthday party per her request (minus the bday banner and pink & purple balloons which lay unused in the other room because said Mama is so spacey and last minute).
Yep, it was haphazard but one little girl still loved every minute and cousins and family gathered to love on her made it special! Evy loves trains and chaos so it all worked out swimmingly.
my train cake attempt that is a bootleg version of a cake I saw on Pinterest (let’s face it this was as good as I could manage since I am not a pinterest crafty gal)
what is a birthday without a dance party?
We also took our little girl to see the trains at the Lincoln Park Conservatory last week for her birthday because we heard there was a free flower and train show.
Miss Evy Imani, Happy 3rd birthday little girl! You love your teddy bear, bothering your sister, snuggling in the mornings, and your favorite phrase it “I do not like that, pee you!” and every time I try to tell you that is not a kind thing to say I can’t stop laughing.  I do not have a baby any more (sniff) and you are one feisty  hilarious, sweet, stubborn, and funny girl.  I love being your Mama and am so excited to see you grow and what the Lord has for you next.  We have no doubt you will always take life on with passion and spunk!   Love, Mama

  1. Anonymous says:

    I`m so sorry you had a horrible trip,but it`s amazing and a pleasure to read about how you faced it and still search His face and presence! Keep goin`! A big hug and best wishes to your little chaos girl! (Sorry I forgot to e-mail) Love, Carina