The day after Thanksgiving the whole Engstrom clan packed into assorted minivans and took our brood of watoto to DollyWood (which I continued to called DollyWorld all day because; apparently, I am that quick).  The day started out warm and sunny but soon became rainy and cold-ish (for TN) but we braved the conditions for some good family fun! The rides were fun but I must say my favorite part was people watching and “overhearing” listening in on people’s convos.
The gems of the day (imagine with a Southern twang, go ahead say it aloud (you know you want to)):
you better hurry up cuz we gotta go meet Pop-Pop.”

Random girl: “that (roller coaster) was so fast!”
Random Grandpa dude: “Darn tootin’ it was!

Random guy sitting behind us at ‘Christmas in the Snowy Mountains’ show (hey, it was raining and we were cold!): “I don’t mean to be ugly but...(insert talking bad about someone in his family)” then to his kid who was jumping around in his seat “You better quit ‘er I will slap you!” followed by many loud “Amens” during Christmas show

and the piece de resistance…. Annie and I were riding one of the big coasters (the boys were kid wrangling so we could get in a few big coasters) and sat in the 2nd to last row.  Behind us was a super cute couple and as we were buckling in to the seats she said “I done ride this before and it made my hair like 10 feet tall!!” then right before the ride started she told us “y’all better hold on cuz this thang is fast as she-it!” How she managed to make a four letter word have 3 syllables is a feat only Southerners can accomplish. Those quotes alone were worth the entrance fee.  I miss the South, y’all!
our big girl braved the high ropes course with Papa and was sooo proud of herself (I was cheering her on from below with the zoom lens and yes, I am that Mama)
riding the piggies with Emma
this photo taken right before some out of control body tackling and giggling

There you have it; a day spent livin’ it up at DollyWorld Wood.


  1. Anonymous says:

    they all had a lot of fun… Romy wanted to go on such a high climbing thing in germany too, but she was not tall enough, so Hans had to do it all by himself. But it was a very tough route and very, very high up in the air… and I was proud that he managed the whole route.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That post was the she-it!

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