We had the privilege of helping with a Thanksgiving Luncheon for refugees here in Chicago this weekend.  And as you can see everyone wore their fanciest shoes for the occasion.  Most of the people that attended are Rohingya people that have fled Burma because of severe persecution.  Many say they are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. (You can watch this video for more of their struggle and history) Obama addressed some of these concerns in his recent visit to Myanmar.  I admit I was ignorant of much of their sufferings but after meeting these precious people I want to learn more and stand in the gap to love those God placed in our path.    
Some have been here for 2 months, some 2 years but they are all navigating life across the world in a new culture.  I feel their pain, yo. Besides me slipping out with a Swahili phrase no less than 3 times (I switched to “other culture” mode like an idiot) I so loved every second of getting to meet these people.  We got to hear some of their stories, play with the children, listen to the tales of what life has been like in the U.S., and watch them try the bizarre new foods of Thanksgiving.
Jason and looked at each other from across the room and I could tell he was thinking what I was thinking: “this feels normal and awesome and home.” Our girls immediately made friends and loved every minute of being the center of attention and comparing shiny shoes and blingy headscarves.  I think it felt normal to them too.
Complete with melted chocolate cookie (and I think that was her third that morning) on her face Evy was grabbed for a little squeeze from  new friend.

I got asked to be the photographer for the day and I did not mind one bit (plus it gave me an excuse to try out my new lens). These are my favorites from the day…
Praying we have lots more oportunities to spend time and share life with these beautiful people.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome early Thanksgiving! What a privilege to share with those people!