I voted (live, in person…woohoo!!) because we are in the states for an election.  If tone could be detected via this screen it would clearly dictate my lack of enthusiasm.  And it is not just because of the endless annoying ads everywhere and polarizing facebook statuses.  I’m honestly so saddened by the way we relate to each other regarding politics.  How we are quick to judge, demean, or even hate. People rally behind the cause of protecting the country from “evil” (and of course defining that evil as outside ourselves when it is always closer than we think).

But I see it differently.  I care about issues and I am grateful for my right to vote and be heard.  Annikah went to the polls with me for a mini- history lesson about voting and our civic duty.  But I refuse to hate someone because they see the world differently from me. This is rooted in a sense I have that we are all a lot more wrong than we are right.  We have gone astray and are guilty too often of misplaced confidence in human wisdom.

 It seems sometimes we demand our rights and fiercely protect them while demonizing anyone with different opinions.  Jesus himself laid down His rights even though He was completely just and could have demanded them.  He could have zapped any homeboy that messed with Him.  But He chose a different way.   He was motivated by love and not fear.  He loved even those who lied about Him, dismissed Him, persecuted Him, and nailed Him to a tree.  And I am one of those people. His sacrifice demands that my reaction to people is defined by love not hate.

So whether your guy or gal or my guy or gal wins can we agree that real change occurs in our hearts first and if bringing to life what was once dead is real we can lay down our right to hate.

Can we agree that real change starts with us believing God is good and has a sovereign plan for all the nations?  He is outside our timeline and sees things we cannot imagine.  That presidents and reigns and earthy kingdoms will come and go but the King will remain.  America is a great nation; one I’m profoundly grateful to be a citizen of but  in the ashes of history, in light of eternity, She is but a speck.   And one that pales in comparison and always will to the Glory of God.

Can we agree that in response to His scandalous love and mercy we are all just trying to figure it out and God gives us the burden and blessing of bumping into one another on the journey?  Can we work harder at loving each other, serving one another, and trying to understand each other before we declare we are better, smarter, or more deserving?  I will try to make things kiduchu (a little bit) better in the place where God has placed me; in my home, my ‘hood, my community, my corner of the world.  If you join in too we can fumble through it together!
Yep, I voted but politics is not a source of fear nor worthy of my faith.  I have hope and confidence only in the One who created all nations and who knows the hearts of all humankind.
Happy Election day friends,

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish I had written this. Well said!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So well said!! Love you!!