Evy and I spent the better part of yesterday at the hospital.  Yeah, no fun.  While I am grateful that we did not have to take a boat to arrive at said hospital it was still a drag. The 411 is that Miss Evy feel out of bed during her nap last Thursday ( I know, I know and we did not take her until Monday……I am considering running for Mother of the Year!).  We really thought she just bruised herself because when she initially fell  she was crying but after we gave her some pain meds and hit the park she seemed fine.  She had full range of motion and we thought we would wait and see.  But as the weekend wore on she did not seem to be feeling better and when we dressed her she would whimper. We gave her pain meds but it was hard to discern if she was really in pain or asking for “medsin” because of the addictive candy taste of that children’s Tylenol  Like kid’s crack I tell you.  So when she refused to swing on the monkey bars and other death defying feats she usually engages in with eager gaiety we thought we better take her in.  After examining her our paediatrician thought there was no way she had a break of fracture he ordered an Xray to be safe.  And after about 10 minutes a technician came out and said that after hearing the results our doctor wanted us to head straight for the ER.  Never a great sign.  So, the low down is that poor Miss Evy Imani has a complete fracture of the rid mid clavicle and the distal end of the clavicle is also displaced 1.3 mm.  Pole girl!   But the ER doctor said this happens all the time, that is hard to know for sure if it is broken, and kids heal quickly which made me feel a tad bit better about not bringing her in right away.  Only “treatment” is taking pain meds (she is pumped!) and trying to convince her to keep this little sling on.  And clavicle fracture or not you cannot slow this one down.  Never boring around here.
We are praying for quick and complete healing,

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yikes! So sorry for her! Ella was born with a broken clavicle and by 2 weeks it was totally healed. It's crazy how fast they can mend. In the meantime, she'll enjoy the tylenol!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Even in the picture, you can see her shoulders aren't even. Poor baby. So sorry I made her do the zip line Sat. I', not going to win Bibi of the year either.:-(