Guess who started her dance class today? And let’s just say she was dressed and ready 2 hours before it began and we rode bikes to the park district to arrive 40 minutes early (because that was as long as I could hold her back people!). She peered through the windows watching the girls in the class just before hers and approached a little girl who arrived wearing a leotard by saying “are you in dance too? We can be friends!” Pushy but sweet (wonder where she gets the pushy part from?) No comments please.
In America you really can take REAL dance classes.  Turns out the rumors were true and this is making one little girl’s life right about now.
*taken through the window with a zoom lens and yes, I am that mama (and thankful I was joined by 4 others).

Before she entered the class we prayed that she would learn to dance, show kindness to her teacher, and love her friends for His glory. I’d say God is good for providing for Miss Anni to realize a dream.

  1. Anonymous says:

    This girl really does have talent. I can't wait to see what happens under real instruction…yay for dreams and a God who brings them to fruition!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing!Hope she`ll enjoy and learn a lot!Much love, Carina

  3. Anonymous says:

    So, so precious. I LOVE it! 🙂