these 10 are the last memories of time with family stored up on my camera.  Too good not to share.
IMG_3961 (2).jpgedit
Anni's Party, Family Camp 004.jpgedit
Anni's Party, Family Camp 013.jpgedit
Anni's Party, Family Camp 029.jpgedit
1. playing cards with Bibi at the fairy tale festival
2. riding in style (with only occasional smack downs)
3. Amish town power and weird smells (according to Miss A)
4.  a do-nut & a bonnet in Amish town
5. cake glow
6. celebrating turning 6 with cousins. first time in four years.
7. holy geese batman (and adorable lil girl)
8. girly cousin dress up (with the random and hilarious gang sign..wha???)
9. Jazz music and dancing with my love under the stars
10. Dear summer, we miss you already.
ten on ten button small
Happy shooting,

  1. Anonymous says:

    You're so talented Roxanne – great pics!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I read many of your blog posts, cool, your blog is very good.