foro, anni with rafiki 013.jpgedit
Carina and Lisa (or if you ask Evy “rina and seesa”) came to our island and spent almost a year serving and loving on our kids, the skuli kids and their families, and our family.  They invested time and learned about the local culture and even when it meant wearing different clothes and adjusting their lives to show respect and communicate love they did it with joy.  They babysat when I went to visit a friend’s sick baby in the hospital or a wedding, they played endless games and practised counting with skuli kids with an abundance of  patience, they helped make costumes for Anni’s school play, and were always grateful for a ride home even when it meant 20 other skuli kids crammed in with them in our back seat. When they first arrived we all met and prayed for their time and they asked what they could do that would really help our families.  I knew Carina had a dance background and asked if they could lead a “dance class” of sorts because Anni just loves dancing.  I never doubted that although they were missing out of some American things the experience they had in Africa was so rich and amazing.  I only wished she could dance and twirl and be girly and get the rush of performing with other girls.  Last week I read that they made it back to Germany safely and I know they are changed by their time just as they impacted us and many others.
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singing happy bday to Carina….my girls were a bit excited for pink cupcakes!
last team meeting and girls dance from Doro 016.jpgedit
final dance performance…a boom box (they still exist!) some scarves and adorable practiced up little girls
Last week in Zanzibar 011.jpgedit
the girls were glowing!
Last week in Zanzibar 026.jpgedit
I am continually grateful for the awesome, diverse people God has allowed our family to bump up against in this world and Lisa and Carina are a reminder that devoting time to serve others is well used time in God’s economy.  Annikah just snuggled up to me and saw these pictures and said in her best pathetic voice “OH!! I want to see them again. When can they come here?” Sniff. Praying shocking awesome things in the years ahead for these young ladies who loved my kids and served our family in huge ways.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you!We loved you and still do!Some day I hope to come to visit!Could you send me the first picture of me and Evy, please?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it was really a great and very blessed time with these wonderfull young ladies 🙂 They did a great job and invested a lot in our children.