We are now in Chicago.  And I am stating that as much for myself as for you all.  It has been a wild few weeks. But for now we are back in the city; our city, again, but I swear I am wandering around more like a tourist most days because A.) I got turned around and walked 4 blocks in the wrong direction B.) seriously shocking how little clothing people wear here and C.) a lot has changed in 4 years (and a lot has stayed the same).  More on that and other cultural re-entry misadventures later for sure like; for example, lessons learned by my kids on the Clark street bus.  For now here are some updates from the awesome and free (yeah!) 3rd floor apartment where I may or may not be stealing borrowing internet from the nice folks downstairs until we figure all these fancy ‘living in the US’ things out.

One of our first stops: Goodwill.  And we heart goodwill. seriously awesome.
lake geneva, good will 043.jpgedit
 A cart full of fabulous-ness and a $4.99 replacement bike for Anni for super cheap!
lake geneva, girls day in wisc 001.jpgedit
Plus we made good on our promise of jeans for the girls.  Cute no?
lake geneva, good will 009.jpgedit
with spent a week in Lake Geneva and some friends came up for a day trip (which despite little man’s face was really fun although the pic of me and Jess just was too shiny and chin-y to post)
new one
we made time for important things like ….driving the boat with Babu
lake geneva, girls day in wisc 065.jpgedit
and art projects with Bibi
trip to Michigan, macinac island 017.jpgedit
Then we moved our junk (and I do mean junk…why did we save half this stuff four years ago?) into our apartment for now. We had lots of help and Bibi & Babu even drove out from Iowa!
But I think Bibi mostly loved the park runs with the girls. Family is blessing and the girls are loving seeing both their Bibis’ & Babus’……they are soaking up the attention!
Major bonus: story time AND they cleaned and organized more than we would have in a week!
and unpacking, sorting, and re-setting up a home is making me do crazy things like this…..
trip to Michigan, macinac island 063
After a couple days I kinda like it…I say make it work (Yeah, Tim Gunn rules)
trip to Michigan, macinac island 040.jpgedit
and it is amazing how generous people have been to our family! The girls have been “freezing” (Anni even asked me “Mama, what are these dots on my skin?” “Umm, those are goose bumps kiddo.” My kids are African what can we say?) .They could not resist trying on their new winter coats. Thanks to everyone who donated to our long skirt wearing, faded, and ripped clothes selves. We are grateful.
trip to Michigan, macinac island 331
we are pretty much making it our full time job to check out every park within walking or biking distance…anyone wanna join us?
berries 003.jpgedit
bought at the farmer’s market a block away today (the berries not the kid)…….oh how we missed you sweet berry yumminess!
trip to Michigan, macinac island 072.jpgedit
and I leave you with the picture (yikes!) that finally made me cave and stop using the girl’s no tangle coconut shampoo and buy some actual hair product.  It has been a long time folks.

Also, both girls have seen the doctor again and despite their complete mess and loose cannon of a mother (who LOST the doctors records and CT scan of Anni’s head and test results that were carefully carried all the way from Tanzania only to be left in either the first doctor’s office OR a Chipotle (I blame the zen feeling caused by the guacamole) OR a park…alas they are no more) they are both healing and having a blast figuring out what it means to be an American kid.  And I am having fun watching.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Roxi, so happy to see so many smiles on all of your faces. I can't even imagine how hard the transition must be. Glad to see all of you exploring and spending some great quality time with your friends and family. I truly enjoyed reading the blog and catching up on all of your adventures. I hope Jason is feeling much better after his kidney stone procedure. God has truly blessed all of you abundantly. I continue to have chemo treatments every other week. It's hard not to feel down at times, but I try to keep a positive attitude and take one day at a time. I know at times I need to learn to completely give it all over to God. I struggle with that. I really would like to meet all of you and visit with my wonderful cousin(your beautiful mother) & Uncle Earl. I will work on getting some dates together that may work for everyone. Love and Blessings to All.