One of our going away parties was at Pamoja.  The NGO we have seen built over the last 4 years, spent lots of hours, taught, learned, held trainings and workshops, and been amazed at what God has done to grow and maintain this “little” workshop and school.  This party was planned and organized by our team leaders Hans and Doro and it was really a great party to thank us for our time and work there as well as honoring and blessing our students and staff (and Doro even managed to take great photos as well!Thanks!).  It was an important day for us as we said goodbye to our life and work on our island for now….
Last week in Zanzibar 829.jpgedit
girls dressed up in their new outfits made by friends and waiting for the guests to arrive
The morning started with speeches by students, staff, and mechanics
one of the teacher’s Mkasi gave the sweetest speech of the day…we both cried so much when she shared what the training and help has meant to her.
listening to the kind speeches “maneno madogo” (small words)
at least I wasn’t the only one crying
receiving special gifts and card (all gifts were then prompting ripped open by Miss Evy and Miss Anni)
the kids amusing themselves with a friend’s game…it was a big hit with the adults too!
then we all crowded into the English classroom (it was HOT)  to watch a slide show of our 4 years.
J and some of the guys from the workshop and one of my English students
some of the beautiful teachers from the training…I love these ladies
We said goodbye for now to our students, the teachers, and the staff at Pamoja. We came to teach there but for sure we learned more than we could have envisioned. We will miss these folks so much and we will continue to pray Pamoja grows and exists for the Glory of God and to bless the people of Zanzibar. Pamoja means togetherness in Kiswahili and that sums it up.

  1. Anonymous says:

    How amazing to see that my little girl has grown up to be such a God fearing wonderful woman who is and has changed the lives of so many others so far away. You are awesome! I am humbled and proud. The school was just getting its walls when I was there, and now it has a legacy. God has done great things through you all.