We learned computers….well, by learned they mean we were introduced to computers a tiny bit.  But to my students same difference!  A while ago some of my students at Skuli ya Imani asked if they could learn some computers and after asking the new computer teacher if we could get some lab time and assuring him any child who acted up would get bakora (the term they use here for discipline but literally means a rod beat down- no worries, I knew the kids would be so excited they would behave and they did me proud!).  It was one of the only times every child was there and was either on time or just a tad late which for this culture is practically early and they all did their mandatory homework to prepare. They rock!  We went to the computer lab at Pamoja for 2 days worth of lessons. The kids learned how to use the internet search engine google and how to type a letter in Word. The gasps throughout the room when they searched their island on the internet and saw pictures of their home was so awesome.  They typed documents about themselves; describing their likes, favorite foods, where they go to school, what makes them happy and sad, etc.  They were thoroughly pleased with themselves and I was a bit all beem-y (sure it is a word) and proud of just how far my lil’ wanafunzi have come in just over 2 years.
Some excerpts from their writing…..
I feel happy when I go to the zoo with Skuli ya Imani.
I feel happy I read and swim.
I feel happy when I go to school.
I feel sad when my sister dies.
I feel sad when I am hungry or I miss getting money.
I feel sad when I get beaten by my brother.
I feel sad when I can’t go to school.
I feel sad when my mother dies.
(insert new perspective for me on many of my first world problems)
I can help at home by washing the clothes.
I can help at home by sweeping the yard.
I can help at home by cooking beans and rice.
Words that describe me are handsome, tall, black, and funny.
Words that describe me are short, thin, smart, and beautiful.
When I grow up I want to be a professional football player.
When I grow up I want to be a decorator for weddings.
When I grow up I want to be a professor of religion and English.
When I grow up I want to be a teacher.
When I grow up I want to be a dala dala driver (umm, this one was my favorite).
These watoto are amazing kids and I will dearly miss them and their craziness.  We have grown so much together and they have blessed me more than they will ever understand.
dishes in sink, pamoja computer with shule 040.jpgedit
dishes in sink, pamoja computer with shule 034.jpgedit
some more updates: a total answer to prayer we have had 2 local young ladies helping every week with Skuli too! This friend is a rockstar and will take the computer class at Pamoja as well to up her skill set and hopefully continue her studies.
dishes in sink, pamoja computer with shule 042.jpgedit
after accident, skuli kids at computer lab, with DOn, foro 022.jpgedit
double clicking was a hard lesson but everyone eventually got it!
after accident, skuli kids at computer lab, with DOn, foro 072.jpgedit
The new computer teacher is in the back row.  He was one of Jason’s students last year and has now been trained to teach and is teaching on his own; way better than I ever could I might add since he can explain computer lingo in a way the Waswahili can really grasp (My favorite was his speech about saving files becuase he talked about how we cannot carry the material in our hands or on our heads so the computer, flash stick, or internet has to carry it for us- thus save your work or you will lose it!).  It was awesome!!  The other Mzungu here is Carina one of two awesome gals from Germany who are here for 1 year and help out at Skuli every week. Without all the support and help I could never have taught Skuli; God provides and we are blessed!

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    Just love love love this post! So fantastic! Those kids I love it! You are tall black and handsome! Crack me up! You go!

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    that is awesome!!!