Today the kids made friendship bracelets for anyone and everyone around and it was pretty adorable.
friendship braclets 007.jpgedit
And Lusi lost a tooth!  Cute right? They call her pengo now and Anni wants to know when her tooth will come out….I think she ruled out any banging of her head on a stool that was suggested by her friends when I reminded her she still has a skull fracture.  “When my head gets better then I can.”  Great idea, heal first, then bang your teeth out.  Ah, the reasoning of my children…
friendship braclets 010.jpgedit
They had quite a good system workerd out so everyone had a role.  After all, that is what friendship is about: including and valuing everyone……and sharing suggestions on how to knock your teeth out.  That is what friends are for.  I am gonna miss these days…
Happy Weekend!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lusi looks darling. Anni won't lose a tooth for years if she is like all of you. You guys would get upset because everyone list teeth in kindergarten or first grade, but by the time you all lost teeth in 3 rd grade, no one cared. Then Rob fell off his bike, over the handkerchief bard and cracked his front tooth in half!!! Boy do I remember friendship bracelets. What is old , is new again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey there, Just want you to know that we here up north are thinking about you and praying for you as you come to mind which is quite frequently these days. Trusting that there is emotional stability enough through these strange times for you all!StephThanks for the scarf and cumin (=