Usually the kids from the neighborhood jump over our gate to catch a glimpse of what we are up to, play with Anni’s bike, or swing on the swings and even though they are loud and generally havoc reeking they are always welcome.  But today we had some unwelcome guests.  We had a repeat offender; a kuku (chicken) from next door got in again.  I seriously think this chicken is getting into our yard everyday just to irritate Jason because he is so darn good at it. Our neighbors say it is because he has white feathers and wants to live with his own kind; the white folks.  They are funny I tell you.  Said annoying chicken often tries to get in the house, makes the loudest noises, and, for some unknown reason, loves to poop all over our porch.  I came up with a brilliant plan to save our sanity and give the gang of watoto that roam outside something to do.  They get candy if they successfully catch the chicken without hurting him and return him to his home. I know what you are thinking….  I explained they cannot bring him in just to catch him and thus get candy.  See, I am one step ahead of them and their tomfoolery. Jason has now given fair warning that if he is still around here tomorrow we will eat him so I hope for his sake the candy gig works.

2012-04-20 riot outside our house, tecaher tina baby.jpgcollage.jpgedit
We also had a bit of excitement involving a demonstration of a political/ religious party that wants to separate from the mainland government.  They gathered outside the House of Representatives building near our home and when things turned a bit too riot-y for the police they chased everyone away, complete with clubs and guns.  A few of the protesters jumped our walls and hid out in our yard until the police had moved on. I drove through the chaos on my way to the ministry of education so I missed the chasing and jumping and general chaos but I did manage to snap a few pics without being detected as we drove through the gathered folks.  There are issues brewing and bubbling over here.  We have seen it for years but somehow it feels with the possibility of oil here the increase in activity is noticeable. Definitely worth watching what will happen here. We are praying for peace.  Happy Friday Y’all!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Seeing those precious girls laughing and playing after getting your phone call that you almost lost them is making me cry with thankfulness that God chose to save them yet again. I so wish I was there to comfort you and just hold on tight. I was grateful that they could both talk to me. June 15th can't come soon enough for me. i just want to get them to their monkey room and hold on tight to them and you. Love you so much!!!!