I am feeling all around funky and not in the groovy sort of way.
First, I pouted a bit and then was generally crabby and irritable all while I ingested excessive amounts of salt and inordinate oodles of caffeine as per my usual coping stratgies. When all that failed ( I know I’m shocked too) I decided maybe I need to actually pray and quiet myself.
There are changes looming friends.  Big shifts and new seasons and more starting over and I think I am not “handling” it well.  I actually do not know what “having it together” would look like anyway so why even shoot for that right? I was reminded this morning that what He calls us to is not easy just worth it.  And He is there every step of the way- before me and in me and with me.  I am still working through my emotions (not easy since there are so many of them crowded in there) but it is good to know I can trust.

So in lieu of any real divulging for now let’s just say that this picture makes me really happy.
Sooo my girls. Happy Friday y’all.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness. I totally have the same coping strategies. Sometimes I'll throw in a little sugar to the caffiene/salt mix,just to keep it lively. Doesn't work for me either. Sad face. Love you and your sweet family.