guess who won?
At least he is ok although I do not dig having my husband come home late covered in blood… “ah, Rox, can you help clean this for me?”  He was coming home from a night meeting with some friends and after taking a turn on a dusty road his piki piki slid out from under him.  He scraped his arm up pretty good (hence blood and dirt necessitating clean up) but the real bummer has been pain and swelling in his foot.  He went to the local hospital and got an x-ray and they said it is not broken (yeah!) but beyond that they really can not say much.  This week we are trying some dawa ya mti shamba (herbal medicine, or literally medicine from trees) that involves bizari (a kind of tumeric) and salt mixed with water and heated.  Our neighbors insist we try it since they swear it helps inflammation and swelling.  I was willing to try since a few months ago I had a nasty cold that would not go away until I drank a disgusting but apparently awesome blend of leaves and juices.  It totally helped!  J’s brew seems to be helping with the pain too.  I paint it on his foot and dude looks crazy for the rest of the day after he washes it off because his skin is bright yellow!
friends, chupi 015.jpgedit
J laughed that for once I was daktari to him since I patch up the whole neighbor (or at least it feels like that some days).  The girls calls this dawa mixture “poo poo for Papa” and we all think that is pretty hilarious.
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So we are going local tree meds up in here and praying his foot fully recovers quickly!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the nose holding picture. Pole sana for J. Hope it works.