So after posting yesterday about parenting kicking my butt God gave me a huge reminder of just how amazing these little watoto entrusted to me are. Right on time.

Anni surprised me with 2 cards made especially for me. She does not have school this week and with all her free time we have been doing these reading lessons and lots of crafting! Think glitter, scissors, paper, glue. It is everywhere and I no longer fight it. When we woke up this morning she had a “BIG surprise” for us and she giggled and ran down the hallway and reemerged with two folded paper cards for us. They are so sweet and she made them with absolutely no help from us. Then later she gave us two more especially crafted thank you notes just for us.
lent, anni's cards for mama and papa 005.jpgedit
I love you Mama. Don’t you like the girls? You can take them to hang in your room.
lent, anni's cards for mama and papa 008.jpgedit
Thank you for making me food everyday. I love you Mama.
lent, anni's cards for mama and papa 009.jpgedit
Thank you Papa for sometimes you watch over us.
I told Annikah she encouraged my heart and I think God gave her a gift to encourage people with her creativity and words. She beamed and I was reminded these moments; both the up and the down, day by day, are what family is made of.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow-how humbling and perfect. She is such a bright little light. Funny how we get a message loud and clear sometimes. Tell Anni that people all the way back in Chicago think those are two of the prettiest cards they've ever seen šŸ˜‰

  2. Anonymous says:

    I heart this post.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That is so incredibly sweet. I think that I'm going to go call my mom now.