Evy had her 2nd Bday bash (African time for sure since the girl turned 2 over a month ago) and it was based on her favorite and most often used word: Dudu (bug)! I bought some plastic cockroaches and other bugs in South Africa to use for decorations and games even though Jason nominated that purchase as the most ridiculous item ever bought by me considering we have about 3 huge dead cockroaches on our floor every morning. But (as I justified) you cannot use those to decorate a cake! See….

Evy's bug 2nd bday party 007.jpgedit
I am fairly certain I have many pink princess parties in my future so I enjoyed a bug theme this time around! I go with my kids passion and Evy has a passion for things wadudu! We invited some ex-pat friends and had a small gathering to celebrate our little Evy Imani and can I just say how fabulous it was to have Bibi here to celebrate (and help)? Woo hoo!!
Evy's bug 2nd bday party 019.jpgedit
The kids made “spoon bugs” with homemade baker’s clay, Q-tips, and paint and got butterfly tattoos on arrival and after paint was everywhere and colorful and glittery bugs were drying we had a bug hunt outside. Did I mention Evy LOVED painting?
Evy's bug 2nd bday party 037.jpgedit
Evy's bug 2nd bday party 050.jpgedit
We hid plastic bugs outside and told them they had to help since we had an invasion of wadudu at our house (somewhat true also)and each child had to find one to get their zawadi. Kids that live in Africa are used to some big and nasty bugs so some were a bit leery about picking them up! Although they knew it was the only way to get their treat bags so they were quickly convinced to find the wadudu.
Evy's bug 2nd bday party 042.jpgedit
and guess who invited himself to the party….AGAIN
Evy's bug 2nd bday party 017.jpgedit
A party is not a real party without a dance party……
Evy's 2nd Birthday Party 063.jpgedit
Who wants a peice with a bug on it? “me…me…me…me”
Evy's 2nd Birthday Party 068.jpgedit
and singing and a cockroach cake…. should I be concerned Evy was not that worried about them being on her cake?
Evy's 2nd Birthday Party 073.jpgedit
Thanks everyone for celebrating Evy’s precious life with us!
Evy's 2nd Birthday Party 089.jpgedit
And of course after the Wazungu weird theme party we had a mini-cake eating and singing sherehe with Skuli ya Imani students…..
Evy's bug 2nd bday party 063.jpgedit
how many cakes is that in one day? lost count….
Evy's bug 2nd bday party 064.jpgedit
Lots of friends and too many sweets! We are blessed!
Happy belated birthday to our sweet, feisty Evy Imani……I am blessed to be your Mama and May God protect you and grow you to be the woman He wants you to be!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my…couldn't you have found nice, cute florescent colored bugs for the cake. I am so not african. They look too real. I want to vomit;) My children, of course, are looking over my shoulder and have decreed it “so cool”…I have a feeling this post gave my little boy some ideas;) Love your creativity and spoon bugs….yep, we're gonna make those;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Look to real for me. Can't believe how long her blonde hair is. Can't believe I've only been to one birthday party for both girls. šŸ™

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like it was a fun party! And I agree that those bugs couldn't look more real! Happy Birthday, Evy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It was really FUN. Thanks for having us!!!And I need a few pics from Evy to finish her present.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I made bug/dirt cupcakes for one Jason's b-days. SO fun!! My kids would've dove in to that cool cake!