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Skuli ya Imani is back in session y’all!! The day we returned kids came over to see if there was school. How many kids beg for school? I told them after I spent one full night we could start and we have been going strong ever since. I was actually struggling our first few days after being back with culture re-shock and the heat but after the first day of Skuli I told Jason that I am thankful God allows us to use our gifts and passion to serve here; it was what I needed to remember just how good He is to our family here!
It is amazing how much they have learned and how their confidence has grown. Many of the “wadogo” (small ones) group is starting “real” school this week as well and a few have made their way over to our house to say that they already know everything at school and are doing really well because they are “really smart.” For some of them school wasn’t an option until they started learning here and now they know they can learn. And that makes me smile. A lot. To say I am proud of my little wanafunzi would be the understatement of the year, kinda like saying “I like Mexican food.” (Yes, I am passionate about teaching and a close second eating Mexican food but I digress as I tend to do.) I am also so blessed to have a couple German gals who are here for a year to come and help me kid wrangle every Skuli session along with some women from our neighborhood.
And we have more BIG Skuli ya Imani news coming soon involving some amazing answered prayers & some really excited watoto…….we are getting more official all the time! But for now here are a few recent pictures of us learning and growing together…..
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Christmas presents….. a 5 kilo bag of rice for each family…they were pumped!
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working hard
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Thank you to all who pray for us, support us, send gifts, and invest in these children…God is good! Asanteni sana!!!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the new pictures, Rox! and Praise God for school starting again. šŸ™‚