christmas 2011 008.jpgedit

Christmas is here!! We are missing family tons right now especially since my grandmother is very sick and I am not there. Talked to her yesterday and prayed with my mom but the distance feels far…really far today. We love you all and miss you all so much!

We went to a local church today, opened some pressies, baked some cookies and a birthday cake for Jesus, and shared treats with our neighbors. After we finished our Advent celebration Annikah wanted to perform a dance for Jesus and I was keenly aware these are the moments I want to always remember…..
Krismasi njema sana!
  1. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing performance Anni. You remind me of Katy's dance recitals. You really have a lot of showmanship! The half naked streaker dancing through was hilarious! Especially since she was dressed and then undressed again. Too funny! I will share this with gma tomorrow. She'll love it. Doctor said she was doing better, so all your prayers are working girls! Love you all, and miss you so much!I love the outtakes too. Darling pics!