Ok, South Africa is amazing. And we got over the whole ‘throw us in jail’ thing quite quickly after having a McD’s drive thru and walking up a mountain in amazingly refreshing fresh air. Like we say “we can’t believe THIS is Africa” at least 3 times a day. At least it is far from “our” corner of Africa yet there are reminders of the incredible difficulties and pain this nation has been through everywhere. More on that later.

We are enjoying some Western treats and rather spoiling ourselves with malls, shops, food, friends that speak English, family time, tagging along for horse back riding at a Bday party, beaches, cool weather, exercising outside everyday, and scenery that has already made me cry three times. It is seriously that beautiful. If you have never been to South Africa you are missing out!! Book a flight NOW (just remember you vaccination cards, hey?) We are indulging a bit and thanking God for providing these experiences for our family. All of this is even more precious because it is rare for us in this season and it makes us so so grateful!
We are staying with our dear friends Tim and Chloe and they have been such a gift to us. It is particularly a blessing as they are going through a very challenging time because Tim’s father is dying. Watching the sacrifice and love with which he cares for his family points directly to their love for Jesus and gives us more reasons to thank God for them and pray for them. Join me please! Being with them also gives us so much more insight and depth of understanding about where they come from and how difficult it was for them to follow God’s call to America. We have offered to vacate but I actually think us all being together is a blessing for all of us and brings some normalcy. We are staying for free at Chloe’s parent’s house and it is fabulous; it belongs in a magazine. It is just divine (as the South Africans would say!) Jason makes fun of me daily because I have now added the following to my vocabulary: shame (used like pole in Kiswahili or “that sucks”), cheers, hey (at the end of statement to turn them into a question like our “right?”), hectic (used like “crazy” to describe anything that is chaotic and given that we tote around 5 kids at all times we use this one a lot!), and pleasure (said in response to ‘thanks’).
Ok, enough gushing…here are some pics of the fabulous-ness…….

2 little girls say “Thank you God for McD’s”
arcade games rule…..
just ask Anni
a mall…..a real mall!
everything is sweeter with dear friends
Bday girl is on the right
horse back riding down the public streets at the Bday party!!
this house is A-MA-ZING!!!

spaces for tea parties….
playing with friends…..
picking flowers in the gardens….
and dogs to chase……
Thank you Lord for this time!
  1. Anonymous says:

    so beautiful! Oh that each day would only be more joyous than the one before! Miss you all and wish we could be there….maybe in a year or two we'll all make it over there;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing some pics – you all look so different! And it´s great, that you have such a good time. I was smiling at the end of your post about the words – “shame” this is what I learnd first from our SA friends here (dear Helen, you never met her I think so; and later Megs…)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks and sounds wonderful. You all look so happy, Praise God!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Glad you are having fun!! Trust me not all of south Africa is fun 🙂 been there and done that!!! 🙂