Anni’s class so pumped & waiting for everything to begin….
eden graduation anni's first play 013.jpgedit
All the kids and teachers at Anni’s school have been tirelessly preparing for the big graduation/plays/song end of the year performance for 2 weeks. And it was awesome!!

They moved it up a week so we could be there and we were so grateful! Plus, it meant I was an eager volunteer to help with anything and everything. The staff and I worked together on a play called “the Caterpillar’s Voice” and I was able to simplify the English so they kids could memorize it. The teachers and I planned together, we practiced everyday, we shopped for fabric in town (with lots of detours to try on bracelets and headscarves). I love working with the teachers there as they are some pretty amazing ladies who love the kids.
On Saturday the whole school performed various skits, songs, and dances in front of all the parents. Anni’s class did their stellar production complete with costumes and face paint (that I did in less than 10 minutes for 16 kids because they it would have melted off if we did it earlier and they wanted the surprise factor). The performance started over an hour late because of transport problems (big shock) but the kids could have cared less since they were so excited waiting for everything to begin. Annikah woke up early on Saturday and told us she was scared and so nervous but could not wait. We told her it is good to be nervous as it means you care about what you are doing but that she would do great! While she was on stage singing their songs I was kneeling taking pictures and overheard two women talking about how shocked they were that the little white kid knew all the Kiswahili songs. That is my girl!! Her class was so cute and despite one rather bizarre song about “AIDS killing many people” which although true was a bit odd for a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds to sing I thought the teachers did an awesome job. Each class performed songs, dances, skits educating people about health issues, and then Anni’s classroom’s drama. The audience loved the costumes and they turned out pretty adorable if I might say so myself (and I admit towards the end I hot glued a bunch spots of the frogs cuz I was that tired). Her teacher’s mother did a great job sewing all the outfits in just 3 days. The evening finally ended way past dark when the power cut and the kids all gathered their homework for the one month break and their little gifts of juice and cheese puff-ish snacks. Once we collected a shoe less Evy running through the crowds of people were we were on our way (with a packed car of people needing rides of course). Anni told us it was her best day ever and I just want to remember the way she said it with her little smudged with paint face forever. We told her she rocked it and we were so proud of our little star rabbit! I was so amazed at how our daughter has fit in at this school where she is the only Mzungu or foreigner. Although especially at the beginning it was difficult and sometimes still is we are also seeing how many friendships she has built and how much fun she has with her classmates. We appreciate these experiences even more because they are rare here and we know God provides them. It really is a special time and we are so grateful for these moments for her!

eden graduation anni's first play 022.jpgedit
all the parents gathered and ready
eden graduation anni's first play 041.jpgedit
her class songs
eden graduation anni's first play 060.jpgedit
after costume change…I love the nervous faces ready to go on….
eden graduation anni's first play 070.jpgedit
last scene with all the animals
eden graduation anni's first play 084.jpgedit
and applause please……taking their bows
eden graduation anni's first play 128.jpgedit
African dancing
eden graduation anni's first play 126.jpgedit
eden graduation anni's first play 114.jpgedit
a skit about going to the doctor
eden graduation anni's first play 092.jpgedit
my favorite animals

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Mom and daughter did a great job on the play all the way around. Love the girl on the end with her arms crossed. Must be to bored to smile??? Now that she has a taste of stardom, there will be no holding Anni back. Have a great trip to SA and enjoy shopping at real stores! Love you all.