1. It is Thanksgiving or so I was reminded when looking at FB posts about the wonderful foods everyone is cooking. It is… alas… just a normal day here-well, if anything about our lives is normal…. lots of work but we are eating our favorite curry for lunch! And we are exceedingly thankful which is what it is really about. Happy Thanksgiving all you ‘Merican types!!

2. Annikah is on the mend but we have been doing a lot of this….
Malaria Meds, costumes 005.jpgedit
….because the poor kid has malaria again. She was really brave at the hospital here which is so unlike her usually freaking out self and was rewarded richly by her choice of candy bars (which turned out to be really easy since the store had only one variety) and a Barbie movie of her choice. She also is feeling so much better after a day on the right medication. We are thankful for the access to medication and reminded we are privileged as so many people in the world do not have these meds. We are praying she will 100% back by Saturday for her big play! Today at practice the kids tried on their ears….
Yeah, pretty cute!!
3. We are so excited we might pee our pants because…….wait for it……. Bibi is coming to Z!!! J’s Mom and his aunt are flying in for a few weeks in January and we could not be more excited!! WooHoo!!! We are already making big plans…
4. Jason and partners in crime convinced a student at Pamoja to climb a huge coconut tree to snap this arial view of the school! Pretty sweet huh? (Also, poor guy had to climb the tree twice since the first camera’s battery died when he got to the top..no worries it was Inshallah…and they still got the shot)

5. I do not know how we got so busy but this week is crazy…a wedding tomorrow, my last English class and certificate party, Jason’s last computer class and review for their VETA test, Anni’s school play, dinner with guests, meeting with teachers, visiting friends in the shamba, and saying goodbye to Rich and Paula. But we leave for South Africa (HOLLA!!) in less than a week and that my friends is exciting news!

5. I love this picture of dinner on a mat at the Eid festival a few weeks back.
6. And just to tie up the random-ness……Some Shule kids stopped by yesterday to show us the kunguru (big, nasty crows) they caught in a makeshift cage. Evy was obsessed with saying “hi” to them! The kids offered to sell them to us (they really think Wazungu are dumb but you cannot blame them for trying) but then remembered we hate these things (Jason has been known to shoot marbles at the ones who assault our freshly washed and innocently hanging laundry). So, no we didn’t purchase one but I did make them promise to release them (far away from our house) and not to torture the poor things.

kunguru shule kids 010.jpgedit

Evy was sad to see them go…
kunguru shule kids 002.jpgedit
Oh, and these watoto are adorable, right?
Ladies party, wedding 090.jpgedit
Now, back to aforementioned crazy week….
  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Even if it is a very normal and crazy day in a week which is too full šŸ™‚