It is Eid time again on our island.
family eid

It is Eid time and Evy was thrilled to take our family pic!
This Eid marks the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca for many people around the world and involves sacrificing an animal for your family if you have the means. We knew it was Eid time when we drove past a normally empty (except for football games) field that was filled with goats awaiting their certain demise at dawn.


We spent the day as we spend all holidays here….dressed up local style, baking cakes and cookies, giving and receiving cakes and cookies, being force fed and eating too much, and visiting dear friends. Here is a glimpse at our Eid Al Adha….
Eid Al Adha 029.jpgedit
the girls in their dresses made with fabric given to them by my girlfriend for the last Eid
Eid Al Adha 055.jpgedit
pilau, salad, and hot sauce…yummy!
Eid Al Adha 059.jpgedit
the kids keep getting bigger!
Eid Al Adha 062.jpgedit
an hour past nap time and fading fast…
Eid Al Adha 066.jpgedit
our island family
Eid Al Adha 067.jpgedit
remember this pic?
Eid Al Adha 070.jpgedit
the kids thought us grown folk taking pictures was hilarious!
Eid Al Adha 072.jpgedit
wamependeza…all glammed up for Eid!
Eid Al Adha 082.jpgedit
our lunch guests on the second day
Eid Al Adha 083.jpgedit
This was our view driving home……
Eid Al Adha 075.jpgedit
We are blessed. Eid Mubarak!