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It has been months since we have been to the beach! I know, what is with us living on an island and all?
But it seems a metaphor for a lot in my life right now. I am focusing on the troubles, unanswered questions, and the busyness and forgetting the beauty, the known, and the rest that comes from trusting in Him. We got out the door late and we should have gone home early to get dinner started. I am glad we didn’t. Because we got to watch the sun slip below the horizon in our corner of the world this night. Our island. This place that I love so dearly and at the same time represents so much difficulty and still unknown to me. As the sun set the clouds obscured our view but to me it seemed as though God’s hand was holding the sun. Like three knuckles were gripping it tight and pulling it in place. A reminder for me that He who formed the sun also knows my every need, every worry, every question. The beach at sunset was a reminder to me to take a deep breath….there are miracles and beauty all around us if only we’d stop our motion long enough to notice. And say thank you.

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thank you Lord.
  1. Anonymous says:

    Jason looks like the little sea lions that are eating off their tummies. How cheesing in Evy's smile? So cute. Your text was just what I needed this morning. Love you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I jaunted over from a comment you left on Jerusalem Greer's blog… and now I am homesick. ;D The sunset picture alone would have done the trick.