anni off to school
zoo, kids from shule playing 019.jpgedit
zoo, kids from shule playing 039.jpgedit
chicken in yard
kids, evy in bibi rho dress, ziena's wedding 002.jpgedit
banana muffins
zoo, kids from shule playing 057.jpgedit
zoo, kids from shule playing 028.jpgedit
zoo, kids from shule playing 061.jpgedit
flowers from J

1. Anni is off to the bus stop

2. morning visitors
3. our swings always attract watoto
4. a rogue chicken who got in our yard and made a ton of noise I may add!!
5. bikes are more fun when shared
6. banana muffins made in case guests stop by
7. a guest popping in for a chat and of course banana muffin
8. friends playing house under a passion fruit tree
9. movie time and a little hair braiding
10. a special gift from my hubby that made my day… flowers sewn together by one of his students
ten on ten button
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this little peek into your life. Your life is full of love. How awesome is that? <3

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