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J made this comment this morning about Miss Evy Imani and I must say I absolutely agree. This girl is full of life. And crazy. She grabs hold of every opportunity for chaos and charges ahead not afraid. Some days I want to be more like her and somedays I just wish she could sit down and chill for 5 minutes. True story.

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She escapes description… this little second girl of mine. She is hardcore, crazy, funny, stubborn, vivacious, and tough.

She is also immensely sweet. She brings you your bag, shoes, scarf anytime she senses you are getting ready to leave. Every morning and afternoon when she sees her sister she gives her a bear hug around her tummy and savors the moment. Her cheesy smile with squinty eyes, mouth open wide, and wrinkled nose can make anyone laugh. She dances at any music anytime and her sweet moves make me join in and forget whatever I was doing.
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She has a desire for destruction and chaos that has left me speechless on many occasions. If there is something she can break, destroy, dump over, jump on, or scatter she is all about it. All about it I tell you.
On lazy weekend mornings she climbs into bed with us and proceeds to body slam us each in turn. I’m saying….snake wrestler, lion tamer, daredevil….but somehow I sense she will be wearing hot pink polka dot heels while doing it all……call it a feeling……..our Evangeline Imani…
  1. Anonymous says:

    what is there NOT to love about this girl??? Thanks for sharing more about her sweet and saucy little self. So wish we could spend some time toghether!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    it is so good to see those pics and hear those stories after she was such a sick baby less than a year ago!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the pictures and tales about dear lil Evy. I feel we hardly know her, but get the impression the world better get ready for a pink high heel wearing lion tamer. Miss knowing her and Anni as they change so much. Anni looks so tall and grown up now.