Just because we have no official shule around here for a few weeks does not mean the kids stay away. They climb over the wall, pound on the gate, and sneak in when the door is open but only when Jason is at Pamoja teaching because as the neighborhood kids know “Baba Annikah hapendi kelele” (Anni’s Papa does not like noise) and noise is what they bring folks….

I teach English in the mornings now which is sooooo much better for my sanity so we have some lazy afternoons at home these days. I am thinking about starting up Shule ya Imani again at least once a week since everyone is saying they will forget all we have learned but I must say I am enjoying these afternoons of just hanging out with the folks in the neighborhood. No school it gives us more time to just play and laugh and pick fruit and climb trees and catch bugs and jump in dirty water in our chupis (ok, well not me to be sure as I am pretty sure that would negate the whole reason I wear a head covering…I just giggled and took pics). But after dumping out a few buckets of water a party broke out. It was messy but fabulous! See….

watoto wa shule, playing at our house, bug 028.jpgedit
watoto wa shule, playing at our house, bug 018.jpgedit
watoto wa shule, playing at our house, bug 004.jpgedit
I love these watoto!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Can't believe Anni is so tall! She is growing up so fast. I miss her and Evy's laughter. Enjoy every moment with them while they are huggable and little. Wish I could send you a big hug. How did you fair in Dar?