I started teaching English for grown folk at Pamoja again and thus Shule ya Imani is on a break much to the dismay of many little watoto who have been known to sneak in our gate daily and ask repeatedly “Mama Annikah, shule kesho?” (school tomorrow?). I am such a sucker for these little kids I tell you! Becuase I miss them and the chaos they bring I will reminisce by posting some pics of our party for Ramadan and passing their tests! We had some games, singing, and cupcakes to celebrate Miss Anni’s Bday of course. Why is it on party days every student plus any other kids in a 1 mile radius show up EARLY!??! We have fun y’all!
shule party for Eid, anni's bday 001.jpgedit
game time…there was no mercy for the balloon popping game…seriously I was a afraid for my life:)
shule party for Eid, anni's bday 008.jpgedit
shule party for Eid, anni's bday 021.jpgedit
Happy Bday to Anni!
shule party for Eid, anni's bday 026.jpgedit
showing off their gifts
shule party for Eid, anni's bday 032.jpgedit

we have had some rockin’ guests…and we LOVE guests people (hint: come visit…seriously try to resist these faces..I dare you!)…..
Shule with Ginger 015.jpgedit
check it out…one of my students came to school wearing this dress!! Nice fabric…ILL….INI!!
amina pic, u of I fabric 002.jpgedit

  1. Anonymous says:

    Illini fabric half a world away is hilarious! You really have a following. Must be doing something right is they beg to have school everyday.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ever since the ferry crash and the adoption stall, you have been prayed for constantly by me, and when I can share positively, I do, and you are so thought of and prayed for. Sometimes all that you do is hard to translate to friends, but a heart truned towards Jesus, no matter what your walk is very easy to translate to friends (it is just the hard times that are hard to put into words). But please know every day and night you are thought of and prayed for in your journey.