That was the topic up for debate when we all arrived at Jason’s good friend’s secondary school. And you guessed it we were the honored guests and debaters alongside the students. Again, flexibility was required since we thought we were just coming to greet everyone and hang out in some classes. The students at the school did a great job debating their points especially since they were using their second language! We did have many moments when English mishaps made us chuckle but overall they impressed us for sure.

Emily gets rockstar award for her passionate plea that garnered much applause because of her passion in asserting that all technology is evil (since that was the side of the debate she was assigned to). However; we all agreed her performance still would not mean giving up her I phone and washing machine upon returning to America. Jason was on the panel but last minute was also asked to give a rebuttal to back up why technology was indeed the source of all evil in society and he managed something about it ruining culture and for added umph added some mess about women needing to stay home and care for children and wash clothes…..yep. Pretty hilarious that a computer teacher was asked to give that rebuttal (especially a computer teacher married to ME). The students seemed to love having guests and we were even treated to a soda and sugary cookies in the head master’s office after the debate. I scribbled down some of our favorite quotes of the debate that are just too good to forget (and secretly make me feel better about moments like this)….
*“just try, you need to pull up your socks” (I think something related to picking yourself up by your bootstraps?)
*”The developmenti of the country..” (the inevitable adding vowels to the ends of words is a fav)
*”you need to do your level best”
*”we would like to thank you, our strangers for coming” (for some reason they think stranger is the same as guest)
*”I’m standing here as a poser (he meant as one who apposes the motion)”
*”we thank you for coming to our debate and for to bring your stranger knowledge”
*”I think you are under the grave” (we think meaning something like “I will bury your argument”)
*and our favorite was something about “terrorists wearing nothing but their underwear out in the streets” (which we discovered the speaker was actually trying to speak about TOURISTS wearing skimpy swim suits and not respecting the culture here but will always have me picturing terrorist operatives walking along the road in their scivies… because seriously that is hilarious).
In a place where I am so often is the one struggling to say just what I want to communicate I must admit it was pretty funny to have some giggles over some of these phrases and remember to not take myself too seriously either; it is rough to learn another language.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey lovely lady, your last post cracked me up especially as 2 of your 'random phrases' from the students were perfectly correct english idiom. “Pull your socks up” and “do your level best!” You merican”!