I am sooo far behind in my updates but look for some posts very soon about the amazing team from Chicago that has come and gone…sniff….I will reflect on all that very soon and share some of the awesome stuff they did in just shy of 2 weeks. In short, God was good. As soon as I collect pictures and my thoughts I will write more but having people here with us was just stinkin’ amazing.

But for now…a sure sign your husband went on an all day fishing expedition with the boys…..
team wearing kangas, fish in fridge 010.jpgedit
Yep, that was what I opened my fridge to find this AM. Kingfish steaks are in our near future. (and check out our wonky milk and homemade mango hot sauce from my neighbor in the background :))
While J was away us girls hung back and tried to make the best of a day with no power. We sang songs to Jesus, read together, dressed up, and hit the town for some ice cream spent with precious allowance money. My girls keep me so busy many days I feel like I am just trying to keep us afloat but I also want to savor these moments of silly, of crazy, of chaos, of baby faced girls because I know they will soon be gone. These girls are such a blessing to me.

henna, kids camp, idi's school 110.jpgedit
Anni dressed up for school..she had her hair braided, henna done (on one hand) and her new fancy shoes.
henna, kids camp, idi's school 113.jpgedit
Miss Evy dressed herself up like this and even took a marker and drew on her hand…children imitate what they see for sure! I love this cheesy smile!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your girls. They're adorable. You are too. Hope you're doing well sweet friend!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anni looked great in her “birthday dress”. I love Evy trying to copy her. She is such a smart little warrior princess. Is she feeling okay now?