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As a way overdue update… Miss Annikah Joy is a reader. Slowly for sure but we have been doing this program at home everyday except Sundays (or we try for that anyway) and she is really doing awesome! She is reading 4-5 sentences stories by herself. It is an old school program but only requires one book and less than a half hour a day and if you stick to it we have found she really does learn and grow each lesson. We have had some rough spots to be sure but we hung in. She loves the silly stories and pictures and I love watching her confidence grow and her pride swell when she does a great job. Today she asked “Mama, aren’t I brilliant?” Yep. I think so. Every 25 days of lessons AND good attitudes about her lessons she gets to pick out a special “gifty.” So far she has secured a pencil case and chap stick and she has 3 more days until we hit the shoe market in search of some new blingy pink dressy shoes. We are a reading around these parts (and clearly not so focused on grammar)!

  1. Anonymous says:

    You rock, Anni!! (and Roxanne, too, for being such a great teacher)! I'm so proud to have such a “brilliant” granddaughter!