today chapped lips…..tomorrow sweaty pits. our reality.
We are leaving on the epic journey island side tomorrow morning (errr….in like 6 hours so I really should be sleeping but I am too twitchy) but I had to post some pics I took because… yes… I am a tourist here and want proof of the oh-so-American stuff we will miss even though the excess really is ridiculous. That and my family is awesome!

any way you want it customized everything…
cedar time, date night 020
warehouse clubs and stores that contain way more than anyone really needs…..
Cantigy, Dinner with Friends 005
enormous shopping carts…
target and preschool 002
way too big EVERYTHING…seriously who could drink that much coffee?
the land of trans fats….
mcd's, iowa 001
playgrounds everywhere….

Cantigy, Dinner with Friends 007
leave it to my children to spend the entire time playing in the sand (We DO have that island side girls!)

lawn mower the size of a smart car….free rides from Bibi & Babu are rockin’..just ask Anni
domo lunch 005
sniff……we will miss you…Anni took this picture at our send off lunch at a Japanese Hibachi House- yummy! I already miss you all….

We go back with the usual feelings of excitement, sadness, nervousness, and anticipation….see you all island side!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting all of the beautiful pictures, and for sharing all of your thoughts so beautifully, as well. We sill supersize how much you all will be missed, but so happy that you are just where he needs you right now! Bless you all! Love, Annonymous

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh my word girl- you had so much fun with so many great friends and family. I remember some friends coming back from the ME and they went to walmart to look for shampoo- and jon said “i just wanted to crawl in a fetal position.. there were too many options” we were laughing so hard. it's so true though huh- gross!