One morning this week Jason had a lot of packing and work to do so I grabbed the girls and we walked to Cantingy I love this place. It is all about the memories and I wanted to share it with my girls. Hiding in the gardens with my brother and sister pretending we were in scenes from the Labyrinth (minus the scary tight David Bowie pants….I shutter!). Climbing on the tanks and daring each other to jump. Picnics and journal writing in the gardens when I needed to get away from my house. Visiting the war museum and touring the McCormick Mansion. Swinging from the weeping Willow trees. We even took our wedding pictures here because it is beautiful. It was a warm morning and the girls loved being outside. Anni was amazed by the flowers and Evy showed no fear climbing the massive tanks (that Anni called the BIG trucks). We split a double chocolate brownie at the snack shop and even got to tour the mansion. Oh, and we may or may not have run through the sprinklers on our way out.
look who tried to chase a big turkey!
I love this moment…she yelled “oh my mama, there are so many beautiful flowers!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Our friend, Glenn Bredfeldt, is a tour guide at the museum. I wonder if he led YOUR tour???

  2. Anonymous says:

    Joshua LOVED this place when we visited it with the Arensens last May. Who doesn't love giant tanks?