..I love having girls. I was so sure Annikah was a girl that I think I would have passed out/ and/or handed her back and asked for a recount if they had announced “it’s a boy!” Of course any child is blessing. Crazy abundance. But just saying I like having girls (someone may need to remind me of this in 10 years:). My husband also loves his girls. And he fathers them in ways that humble me and make me fall in love with him more each day. But truth be told he just wants to play cars. He has always tried to get Miss Lover of All Things Pink & Girly to get into cars, trucks, legos, you name it. He even offered to buy Anni any Match Box car she wanted and she would always reply “no, that is for boys. I don’t want that.” Add in my feminist leaning reply about girls being hardcore and awesome, and able to play with any toy a boy can play with. Most of the time she was unswerving and would go about her lip gloss schlacking ways. So J has played princesses like a champ more times than he can count. But last week Anni decided she wanted a car. A matchbox car. And Jason practically ran to the the car aisle where he and Anni poured over cars until Miss Anni found the ONLY hot pink matchbox car in the joint and promptly announced her victory. What followed was 2 hours of the best playtime with Papa EVER!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad Jason got his car on. Anytime you are in the states, he is welcome to lego it up with our boys!