J and I got away for just over 24 hours and it was fabulous! Another reminder that taking time for our marriage is not selfish….it is needed. We need that time to connect, date each other, talk, just be together without interruption and chaos, and do other fun stuff šŸ™‚ (hey, you already know I am a chronic over-sharer that makes no apologies for doing so and you are the one reading this stuff).

We loved our time and got back to thank Bibi and Babu and snuggle two little girls that make our life together so much richer.
cedar time, date night 014
dressed up for dinner
cedar time, date night 010
our date ended the next afternoon with a coffee date…
cedar time, date night 018
extra hot coffee, a good book, a sexy guy, & quiet…..the good life!

cedar time, date night 019