Engstrom clan at church Saturday night.
Easter 2011 075
just the boys (the grown ones)
Easter 2011 083
checking out their gifts from Bibi & Babu
Easter 2011 012
all the cousins listening to the story where God made even death nothing to fear. Where Jesus triumphed and the tomb was empty.
Easter 2011 018
then we made resurrection rolls- so easy (with American prepackaged goodies)- I stole the idea here (thanks Kim) and the recipe is here. And I think we have a new family tradition!
Easter 2011 027
each child made a tomb, then laid jesus’s body after putting the oil (butter) and spices (cinnamon and sugar) inside
Easter 2011 076
then we baked them for “3 days” (errr…or 10 minutes)
Easter 2011 078
and then when we opened the tomb the morning of the third day…..Jesus was no longer there! Or as the astute Joel pointed out “Jesus burned up.” Not quite what we were going for but yep he is gone. He is risen! Run and tell everyone you know!
Easter 2011 045.jpgedit
even frigid temps could not keep these cousins from hunting eggs
Easter 2011 055
I somehow managed to get great pics of everyone BUT my offspring…everyone was so cute in their matching outfits even if our misfits from Africa had to wear multiple layers and borrow bags to collect their candy bootay.
Easter 2011 060

Evy totally got the nab an egg and put it in your bag thing

Easter 2011 064
The Dill boys wore the African kitenge shirts we had specially made for them last year…so cute!
Easter 2011 057
Easter 2011 051
Easter 2011 069
ummm, I LOVE this shot.
celebrating the empty tomb with family. Happy Resurrection Day!
  1. Anonymous says:

    looks like a great time with family!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great recap of a fun day . . . but too bad there wasn't a picture of the grown-up girls!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great to see that you had a perfect day together with your family, with lots of fun and action! Our easter sunday was quiet and I missed my family around… And we missed an egg hunt with your girls! No egg hunt this year in our garden ;-(