Chicago is cold. A lot. Too much. More than I remember and more than the 3 pants and flip flops and one pair of running shoes I brought with allows you to enjoy without what feels a bit like the beginning of frost bite. Ok, I’m being dramatic but blick. I do not miss the cold.

But the point of this post is to gush about a fabulous warm day! We enjoyed two crazy warm days a week or so back and I spent it with wonderful friends that moved from the city to the burbs about a year ago. It was before J joined us and we went out for the day to hang out, eat yummy food (Can I say Amen for some Trader Joe’s), see their home, meet their neighbors, and talk and catch up amidst kid chaos. I was so excited to see how God has really knit them into an awesome community of people with kids playing together, running from house to house, everyone out in their front yards, sharing bikes, washing each other’s cars, talking, laughing, and enjoying the well earned warm day after the cruelty of winter. Made me feel much more at home in our new “African” sense of community. A great reminder that communal can happen anywhere. Very cool. We loved our day of being adopted by their ‘hood and spending time just being together with dear friends.

chicago time, ice skating, chicago 515
chicago time, ice skating, chicago 514
chicago time, ice skating, chicago 511
chicago time, ice skating, chicago 500
chicago time, ice skating, chicago 493
these pics make me so happy- Especially since I am wearing two pairs of socks at the moment. Thanks for a great day Jerozal fam! more catching up to come….


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