We are spoiled really. For a girl who spends so much time missing my friends and lots of days feeling lonely on our island I feel like the popular girl in school (or at least what I assume she would feel like since let’s be real…I was NEVER that girl). But I’ll take it. I am basking in catching up with friends, watching the kids play, sharing together, and seeing and hearing about all God is doing in my friend’s lives. It is blessing. All of it. Thanks for everyone who has made time for us!! I am soaking it all in for a rainy (or sweltering) day. So many pictures and fun times together but I will slowly update and add pictures because I want to record how great God is to bless us with amazing friends and family.
Last Saturday Kim and her oldest daughter Ava drove out around breakfast time. We spent the entire day together and it was awesome. We set out in the car unsure of exactly what we would do but the warm weather inspired a trip to a small zoo called Cosley that also served to bring back tons of memories of when I was younger. Then we hit a playground and Anni’s first ever Dairy Queen.We kept talking about our adventure; unsure of what we would do next but just being together ad loving it. Yeah, it was that good! Anni and her oldest daughter are such great friends and Anni has asked everyday since then when she can see Ava again. I feel the same way about Kim! God has taken both our families out of Chicago and is doing so much in both of our lives in our new homes. I love having friends that challenge and encourage me. It makes me profoundly grateful for my sisters here.
enjoying animals, warm weather, and fab friends
I captured her first taste…it is that amazing, eh?
Evy agreed
great day and more basking in family & friends to come……

We head back to the city today for more Dr. appointments (Evy has a fever again and while we do not want her to be sick-poor baby! if this is a repeat of whatever is going on we want to get her in and try to get more answers if possible….updates soon….
  1. Anonymous says:

    xoxo- love the pictures, loved teh day even more;)

  2. Anonymous says:

    The look on Anni's face in the DQ photo is priceless! And for what it's worth, I always thought of you as one of the popular girls in school (and I don't think that's only because I was in Rob's class).