wedding. Before we left I had the amazing privilege of being invited to be a witness for our neighbor’s oldest daughter’s wedding. The bride is the older sister of many of the shule kids and I met her because she came around a few times to check out what was going on at the Mzungu house. Her smile captivated me and we sat and talked every time she came over over banana muffins and juice. I quickly learned she was getting married and as the first daughter in her family that was a big deal. Her mother came by and asked if I would be one of the witnesses for the wedding and we started the preparations. I had no idea then just how much was involved but now looking back I feel so blessed I got to be included. I also offered to take pictures for them for free which was partly selfishly motivated since we attend so many cultural events but can rarely snap pictures lest we stand out even more in our Wazungu-ness and I really wanted to capture the wedding . Taking pictures and being apart of the entire day was amazing. Even as I upload these pictures I feel a longing to be back that I cannot fully describe. My friend said that she feels my “heart bleeds for Africa” and I think somehow over the past few years that has become true. Not sure when but I cannot look at them without smelling, hearing, and feeling there. And I so long to share this place with you all. Sharing these pictures is a small part of sharing our home for now. I edited down considerably because there were just too many and also because I felt some moments were too personal to share here. We started celebrating Thursday night and partied until the power cut late that night (small mercies:) and then I was woken up at 5:15am the next morning for the official ceremony (they chose the time after morning prayer time for the ceremony), and then after the ceremony and seeing the bride and groom off the guests ate together. Then later in the day packed gifts and 17 women in our car and headed to visit the newlyweds later that afternoon. We walked through winding paths of a small village about 30 minutes away and finally found the house and were escorted inside with much yelling and celebrating. We then waited outside the bedroom for the bride and groom to emerge. Everyone was giggling and making jokes. I learned LOTS of new words to be sure with this group of only women. Anyone who thinks Muslim women are super conservative or reserved has never been in a room with just them chatting!! I could not understand everything for sure but actually held my own, even making a few jokes that had everyone laughing and slapping my leg. I was so grateful for that. For being understood, for understanding. I remember not so long ago sitting with local people only understanding 1 out of every 50 words, feeling lost, hopeless at times, being laughed at, crying, and wanting to give up. And look what God has done. I have so much to learn, so much to share, and so much I will never fully understand but communicating and being together feels right. At the times I am invited in I pray that I earn that privilege and honor Him in everything. I have never been so included in every aspect of a wedding and I count this as blessing. I count it as opportunity to learn and share. I count it as precious time that was well spent. We dressed up, we endlessly set up last minute, we danced, we kneaded dough, we sorted rice, we cooked, we ate, we drank sugary tea, we decorated, we gathered people, we talked, we laughed, we heckled the bride and groom, we sat and sat and waited, we prayed, we brought gifts, gathered chickens, loaded the dala dala, cleaned up, we shared. Join us at Salma’s wedding…..
salmas wedding 022.jpgedit
decorating the bed…Anni had to help
salmas wedding 030.jpgedit
interested onlookers
salmas wedding 040.jpgedit
Evy made sure they stayed out!
salmas wedding 075.jpgedit
women sorting rice in preparation for lots of cooking
salmas wedding 068.jpgedit
the father of the bride and friends watching everything
salmas wedding 099.jpgedit
Anni & I helped with the mandazi (donuts)
salmas wedding 123.jpgedit
this was not even half of them- the women were frying them for 2 hours!
salmas wedding 124.jpgedit
salmas wedding 094.jpgedit
getting ready to cheza dufu
salmas wedding 088.jpgedit Evy takes her seat with the women & kids
salmas wedding 084.jpgedit
mother of the bride makes an entrance
salmas wedding 086.jpgedit
salmas wedding 103.jpgeditu
cheza dufu and party!
salmas wedding 107.jpgedit
Anni loves weddings!
salmas wedding 170.jpgedit
the morning of the wedding- everyone waiting for us to bring the bride over
salmas wedding 135.jpgedit
the bride signing the marriage certificate with the religious leader and her family and witnesses
salmas wedding 137.jpgedit
Mother of the bride and the bride…see the finished decorated bed!
salmas wedding 144.jpgedit
not everyone was sad & serious like you are supposed to be…
salmas wedding 186.jpgedit
salmas wedding 149.jpgedit
salmas wedding 216.jpgedit
the groom comes in for part of the ceremony with his witnesses and the religious leader (love that he was wearing sunglasses) makes everything official
salmas wedding 221.jpgedit
salmas wedding 230.jpgedit
carrying the bride out
salmas wedding 167.jpgedit
father’s side Bibi (grandmother) who came in and prayed for the couple to have children and gave some advice. I love this picture. well earned wrinkles and a beautiful smile.
salmas wedding 266.jpgedit
possibly one of my favorite moments. Everyone was gathering gifts and loading them onto the dala dala and a few women started chasing some chickens and tied them up and threw them in the car
salmas wedding 254.jpgedit loading the gifts was a group effort
salmas wedding 248.jpgedit
love this shot of the groom watching the bride and friends get in the dala dala
salmas wedding 176.jpgedit
food after the couple left…beans with coconut, donuts, and tea

salmas wedding 262.jpgedit salmas wedding 264.jpgedit
salmas wedding 269.jpgedit
lots of clean up
Pamoja Computer Class; Vyombo 046.jpgedit
visiting with just the ladies later in the day

  1. Anonymous says:

    Roxanne, you always make me cry. Reading this post made me excited and very scared about moving to Mombasa. Thank you for sharing God's work in your life with us. I pray that I am as open to His work as you are.blessings,we continue to pray for you all as you are apart from your husband.amie Chalmers