I had to post some pictures from our trip to Iringa. Our time was cut short because of Evy’s seizure and hospital visits but after she was stable we decided to go for some cooler weather, family time, hiking, and one day of language review. We had 3 days before the girls and I flew as well so we figured we might as well see more of this beautiful country. It was a long road trip but it was so worth it. Here is a few pictures of our time…..
even though our time started like this…lots of time at the hospital…..pole Evy!
after Evy was stable and feeling better we headed out
and saw this on the way there…a welcome road delay to our 7 hour road trip..
and these guys….
and this dude. Yeah amazing, right?
road trips in Africa you see many trucks and buses in accidents…so sad!
and causes this…
Jason was a good African and got out to see what was happening and if they needed help
us girls hung back…long wait- over an hour so we got creative to get some air:) and Anni loved greeting everyone who walked by.
the campsite we stayed at was awesome, lots of hiking to be done. Anni is such an adventure seeker- J loves he Adventure Girl!
our lil’ explorer
there was a river that ran through the campsite. Rumor has it here is a hippo that comes to swim but depsite our hippo hunting we never saw him
at the campsite next door they had a zipline they use to cross the river…we had to check it out and then sweet talked our way to try it! so fun!IMG_1268
and my fav road trip pic…grab your chicken and head out
  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing photos from your trip! Enjoyed the elephant one alot. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great to see and read, that you had a good trip and a lot of adventure (even if it was very short).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now you've seen where reid and i met and fell in love! I heart Iringa forever:)