I have had no time to update yet about the happenings the last couple days and in 1 hour we are heading to Dar and then after some doctor appointments and work stuff to Iringa. Already this morning both girls have fevers, a shule kid came over in need of ice for a swollen eye, a neighbor stopped by to visit, we ran out to get medicine, packed in haste (please let me have remembered my underwear!), I took someone to the hospital, got news about a funeral today, and we had family worship. Wow.

We are so last minute. Between realizing Evy has no shoes her size requiring a last minute trip to the market for searching out and bargaining for a suitable pair (for the hopefully cooler climate in Iringa! YEAH!) and Jason borrowing some stranger’s bike for a quick trip to the duka to stock up our phones with minutes we are becoming local! I will take time soon to reflect though because it is so needed. The wedding went great and I took over 200 pictures- just need to wade through and select some to share. As we were praying last night we cannot believe we were here just a few weeks back. He is giving us so much renewal, peace, and an overwhelming sense that He is working even amidst the chaos. But somehow it all feels right. Like skin we were meant to live in. Like trusting that as life comes, as we seek, as we pray, as we lay down, as we listen He will be in it all.
salmas wedding 117.jpgedit
for now…. Anni & I in our sare (matching wedding fabric dresses). Even after we came in late Anni was STILL groovin’ and begging to stay up and party!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm so looking forward to the wedding pictures! I just love all the beautiful colors!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You're blog was recommended to me on Google Reader…so we must have another blog in common. I loved what you said, “like skin we were meant to live in.” That phrase really resonated with me for some reason.I lived internationally in Nepal for 2 years and love living vicariously through others while I'm stuck in corporate America! šŸ™‚ Blessings!