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We are trying to carve out more family time, more Sabbath, and more rest. Because we are realizing it is needed. But when we have “family” time we sometimes struggle with what to do. But the more I think on it this can be a gift as we really have to make family time our own. Not much external activities to rely on and sometimes that is tough. We are trying to reframe this as “opportunities” for creative ideas but…. there it is. We are committed to “hunting for fun” that does not cost tons of money, is not far away, and will allow us to actually shake some of the stress of work, the constant needs around us, and the chaos of having 2 small kids. Now, of course the beach is our “go-to” but the work required and cleaning after sometimes makes us exhausted just thinking about it (I realize I may be acquiring many-a-hater as I type that since so many of you are freezing your butts off in the Chi…truly…pole sana coming from a girl who used to get seasonal depression BIG time. I get that too). But I am just telling it like it is. Last weekend we decided to have a picnic in our shamba. Despite the crazy heat, hunting for shade, curious neighbors, and a brief fire ants attack it actually turned out to be fabulous. The girls loved it and we all had a few hours of rest, rejuvenation, and just enjoyed being together. I was keenly aware that these are the moments I need to savour, to breathe in, and to burn into memory. Welcome to family time; our style.
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and sometimes we don’t even wear many clothes (well, them not us to set the record straight)
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and I love these shots because while I was trying to go for the ‘sweet Mama and baby face smush’ my warrior princess decided to squeeze my face as hard as she could. Lil’ Mtundu.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    You all look like you're having a good time in the pictures! I love Evy's chubby little fingers! She really looks like Jason through the eyes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It's always a struggle to make true quality time! I'm inspired šŸ™‚