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We finished the first official English class at Pamoja! The plan was for it to last 3 months…. we started November 8th and just finished this week…but alas that is much of life here. My students finished their speaking, writing, and reading exam last Thursday and Friday. There were many discussion on the grading scale since I insist they have a 70% or better to move to the next class. Because of this I join the ranks of Mwalimu Mkali (like J) but they also know I want them to succeed, to learn, and to reach their goals. I am crazy wicked proud of my students! For the most part they really learned, grew, studied, and had a blast. I learned so much from them as well. And we laughed a lot. Despite my current weariness they are a constant reminder of how opportunity, kindness, attention, hard work, dedication, and love impacts people. They were so happy to celebrate and get their certificates on Monday and when I threw in some sumbusas, juice, banana muffins, and picture taking it was a full fledged PAR-TAY! They came dressed up and ready to sherekea (celebrate)! I could not stop laughing at all the pictures they insisted we pose for….”Mama Annikah sit here with me (snap) Mama Annikah give him his certificate (snap), Mama Annikah take one of us eating (snap) Mama Annikah hold your water bottle (snap)” Seriously it was hilarious! But here are a few of the bunch….
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the ladies of Kozi ya Msingi ya Kiingereza
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class clowns
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dang, Am I really that tall?
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Yeah for my English students!!!