So the power has been off and on since the storm. And by off and on I mean mostly OFF! It really kicked my butt on Sunday when we invited friends over for lunch and the power went out just as I put bread dough in the oven. Sigh. We made it work and no one even commented on the lukewarm pasta bake and barely cooked bread. Luckily, they are Africa dwellers as well here to get some business done in town so they were happy just to have a free meal and talk to some Wazungus:). Easy to please folks like us I love them! Anni adored having some Wazungu friends that all spoke English (American English even!) and we had a quick treasure hunt and then we all escaped to our team leader’s house (since they were running a generator…can we say fans!! HOLLA!). This brought the official kid count to 10 for zip lining, bubble blowing, and cookie eating. We may not have power but we are thankful for friends, great converstaions, fun time for the kids, and encouragement.
Evy, me pics 045.jpgedit
oh, and the girls got to wear their new matching dresses…sewn for less than 2 dollars each!
Evy, me pics 040.jpgedit
ummm, zip lines RULE!
Evy, me pics 030.jpgedit
just ask these watotos
Evy, me pics 024.jpgedit
Evy, me pics 009.jpgedit
ready to take the treasure hunt by storm!
Evy, me pics 010.jpgedit
hunting in the shamba
Evy, me pics 012.jpgedit
sweet rewards….red vines we were saving for such an occasion
Evy, me pics 069.jpgedit
Yep, Evy loved the bubbles!
Evy, me pics 075.jpgedit

  1. Anonymous says:

    It was a great afternoon and the kids enjoyed playing together very much. Annelie was so sad yesterday, when she had to say goodbye to her new friends.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love their matching dresses! Super cute!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The girls' dresses are darling. So sorry about the power shortage, I would not be able to handle it. Did you know any of the people who were killed in the storm? So sad.Could not get the link to work???Hope things get back to normal soon.