I watched our wedding highlight video yesterday at the insistence of Miss Anni. She loves watching it but is still is a bit “irked” she was not invited and explanations of her non-existence seem to do little to sway her feelings about being overlooked and slighted. She did however pointedly tell me “well, Mama, I will invite YOU to MY wedding.” Well, then.
As I watched I realized that almost ten years have passed since that shiny, special, and awesome day. I am glad (well, in the interest of full disclosure I do wish for those pre-nursing boobs and wicked buff arms) but seriously I love J more now than I did then. Because we know each other more. We are more of a team. We have been through so much and that has deepened our commitment and love. We have precious little watoto. And I cannot wait for see where life’s journey takes us next. Yep, lots of reasons.
But I was also convicted. Many days I take him for granted. Many days I find things to pick apart instead of build up. And “yes” he has things he can work on but so do I. And I was convinced I need an attitude adjustment in this area. I want to be the woman written about here (well, except maybe the selecting wool and flax part since that may require a whole skill set I do not posses) . This part specifically has really been challenging me:
Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: 29 “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” 30 Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
Pretty high calling, eh?

I read a friend’s blog this morning and she wrote about the same thing-(thanks Kim) God has been doing that a lot lately in my life. Teaching me something only to have it confirmed by something or someone else. Maybe He knows I need a swift and firm butt-kicking to act. Point taken. I want to love better not so I can “get something” out of it but so that I can learn to follow Jesus more closely. It is J’s birthday this month and I think a pretty great gift would be a more loving and encouraging wife.
So I am gonna dive in and try DO the 30 day Husband Encouragement Challenge-(http://www.reviveourhearts.com/pdf/30DayChallenge.pdf) Here is the link if you want to try it with me! We can share stories and encourage each other! Let me know if you are in!

* a rare dinner out with some team mates embracing our FULL wazungu-ness….mostly shaven J, hair down me, and pizza!! It is oh so good!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm in too! (I had already told Kim this.) Nice point about it being J's bday this month, as it is also G's bday this month, so no better time than the present to present our guys with more loving wives as their presents. (Impressive, huh?!?)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rox! This is a great idea. I'm going to bookmark it so that I can do the 30 Day Challenge in the summer, when my husband and I actually live together 🙂 I can start practicing, now, though by encouraging him every day on the phone, and in person, and reminding him how much he ROCKS. A good reminder for me, too. We haven't even been married a year yet, and I already feel like I take him for granted sometimes. Thanks for your post! Love you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi RoxanneI will try the 30 Day Challenge… It`s a nice idea! On 18. -20.feb. we give a marriage seminar. Maybe I can tell the women of this. I love my husband more and more and this a great reason to think about it and to thank him… for choosing me!