…..does not even begin to describe my baking skills. So when I know how to bake something I tend to stick to it. But I guess that living “closer to the earth” has stretched me to find new ways of actually feeding my family without drive thru’s or prepackaged bread but still some days I am still so far from that hard core, apron wearing, butter churning, back to the prairie, domestic super hero woman notion I have in my head that one must be to live in Africa. Case in point…. I got up early this morning and decided to make cinnamon rolls. I stole the recipe from a woman who much more fits the above description than me and Jason loves them so I thought this would be a nice treat. For me this is a bit of work (as is anything that requires kneading, rising, rolling, from scratch, etc) but I took one for the team. Only half way through Evy was crying and grabbing my skirt, Anni was whining because she was “starving,” and I opened a cabinet to get fresh cinnamon out only to have the dried basil drop out and spill into my dough and ALL OVER the counter. Sigh, I persevered and they actually turned out pretty great (even with a little basil) as it evidenced by the fact very few remained after about 5 minutes. I am working on the whole “Culinary Hard Core African Wilderness Women” thang and thank goodness my family gives me much grace and is pretty easy to please.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Work of art! You are amazing to even attempt such a feat in your situation! I think I've only done them from scratch once or twice, and I'm not in Africa!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Those look lovely! šŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lovely, yummy, work of art. Whatever you want to call them, I say they fill my tummy with fatty goodness. Bring em on. Thanks my love!