We arrived home last night after a long day that proved to be a bit restful (lunch at our favorite restaurant) and a bit stressful (sitting in traffic in a steamy car and a delayed plane meaning entertaining hungry and tired children for way too long). But we made it back and the only thing we forgot (at least we think) was the 4 dollar on sale box of Rice Crispies we bought and were pumped about which although tragic we can live without. We had hoped that because our plane was delayed and it was already dark we could sneak into our house without being detected but no-go. Before we even got out of our friend’s car neighbors were coming over to check in and we were welcomed by an entourage of shule watoto throwing flower petals and celebrating our arrival (how in the world they knew we were coming back then I will never know…maybe they were prepared and then saw us pull in and made a dash to be the welcome committee). Everyone helped us carry our luggage in and after hearing the sorted details about Miss Evy they told us they prayed for us and said we should go rest. It was special and warmed my tired and a bit beaten down heart. I am so amazed at the girls and their ability to be resilient and Anni’s ability to “go with the flow.” She had a fabulous time on “our adventure to Dar” as we called it since “emergency sickness evac” was already taken. She just loves family time and exploring new places. We had some time this morning to pray for protection against these sicknesses and be together just worshipping our Lord and thanking Him for His provision, care, and love. And that was good. Really good. Evy is back to her Warrior Princess ways and we are all resting, cleaning, and tackling the mounds of laundry left in the wake of a week of chaos and travel. Tumerudi salama. (we returned peacefully).

Anni and Evy LOVED the dogs at the house we stayed at….
but poor Anni had an allergic reaction and was banned from playing with them after her eye swelled up (luckily we were staying with a doctor!) and she is fine now.
they even had baby turtles at their house…..
adventures I tell you….

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh, this sounds really like adventure. Great, that you had a good time at their place – and welcome back!

  2. Anonymous says:

    So grateful you are all home safe, and Evy is fever free. What a scary week for you, and us back here. We are suppose to get 20″ of snow the next 2 days. How sweet the neighbors welcomed you back. Now just keep those girls from getting sick again. I'm too old for this stress.

  3. Anonymous says:

    good to hear that you are back and doing ok šŸ™‚ here's to the stories your warrior princess will have when she gets older!